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When you face criminal charges, the justice system already has their eyes set on taking away your freedom and constitutional rights. That’s why you need a powerful defense team if you, or a loved one, is being accused of a DUI, sex offense, white collar crime or any other criminal offense. The Chastaine Law Office is that team!

  • aggressive yet compassionate legal representation

  • creative solutions for difficult problems
  • detailed case review and fact checking
  • legal defenses to avoid penalties and damage to reputation


A criminal conviction can be devastating. Even an arrest record can prevent someone from getting a good job or finding decent housing if a potential employer or landlord runs a background check. The Chastaine Law Office wants to help you avoid this type of situation.


Gold River Criminal Defense Attorney Mike Chastaine

Providing Proven Defense in Gold River, Rancho Cordova, Folsom & the Surrounding Areas

Gold River Criminal Defense Attorney

The Chastaine Law Office was founded by award-winning criminal defense attorney Mike Chastaine. With over 32 years of experience, Mike Chastaine has established a reputation as one of California’s preeminent criminal defense attorneys. In recognition of his work, Mike has been selected by his peers to the Best Lawyers and Best Law Firms in America list and the Super Lawyers list for the past 10 consecutive years, among many other prestigious accolades and awards. Our office has achieved outstanding results by consistently utilizing our superior legal abilities and experience to provide clients with the best possible solutions. We are here to address your legal needs with aggressive, yet compassionate representation. 

Facing DUI charges, sex crime allegations, domestic violence, drug charges, assault, or battery? We can help!

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Gold River Criminal Attorney
Gold River Criminal Attorney

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BOOK SERIES by Award-Winning Author Attorney Mike Chastaine

How to Survive a DUI Arrest: What You Need to Know
How to Survive a Criminal Arrest: What You Need to Know
How To Survive A Sex Crime Allegation: What You Need to Know
How To Survive A Domestic Violence Arrest: What You Need to Know

At The Chastaine Law Office we are dedicated to making sure you have a clear understanding of the legal process and your rights. Being accused of a crime is a serious matter and can be very stressful. The What You Need to Know books are written to educate and explain what occurs when you are accused of a crime. Knowledge is power.

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Our Client Testimonials

Ed’s Testimonial

Ed and his wife had been running a daycare for 16 years when they awoke one day with their house surrounded by the police. Ed was arrested and placed in jail and his family was afraid. Not knowing what to do, he reached out to Mike from the Chastaine Law Office, who gave him a solid defense plan and proved his innocence in court. Had he not sought the expertise of this Sacramento County Criminal Defense Attorney, he would have lost his family, his freedom, and the career that he’s dedicated his life to. 

Scott’s Testimonial

Acknowledging the need for solid legal advice in the State of California, Scott decided to work with Mike Chastaine, head attorney of the Chastaine Law Firm, to resolve a very critical personal issue. Working with the criminal defense lawyer took a lot of discomfort and pain away from his shoulders. 

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He was a powerhouse and extremely impressive in the courtroom.

David W

As an investigator, he is one of the easiest attorneys to work with or for.

Rodney O

Mike was available to me 24 hours a day until the case was successfully resolved.

I was referred to Mike Chastaine when Criminal Allegations were… Read more “Mike was available to me 24 hours a day until the case was successfully resolved.”

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