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Sacramento County Criminal Defense Attorneys


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Sacramento County Criminal Defense Attorneys in Gold River, CA

When you face criminal charges, the justice system already has its eyes set on taking away your freedom and constitutional rights. That’s why you need powerful criminal defense attorneys if you, or a loved one, are being accused of assault & battery, sex offense, white-collar crime, or any other criminal offense. Chastaine Jones are those attorneys!

  • aggressive yet compassionate legal representation

  • creative solutions for difficult problems
  • detailed case review and fact checking
  • legal defenses to avoid penalties and damage to reputation

A criminal conviction can be devastating. Going to trial can be overwhelming, if not traumatic and stressful. Even an arrest record can prevent someone from getting a good job or finding decent housing if a potential employer or landlord runs a background check. Our Gold River criminal defense attorneys want to help you avoid this type of situation.


Gold River Criminal Defense Attorney Martin Jones

Providing Proven Defense in Gold River, Rancho Cordova, Folsom & the Surrounding Areas

Gold River Criminal Defense Attorneys

Martin Jones has over 15 years experience as a criminal defense trial attorney. Martin started his career in Madera County as a public defender in the high-volume traffic court. Eventually he became a felony supervisor for all their criminal cases. He then moved to the Placer County Public Defender Office as the Assistant Chief Defense Attorney. Martin was one of the most experienced trial attorneys in Placer County, having tried more than 60 cases, including homicide, sex offenses, arson, domestic violence, driving under the influence, fraud, theft, and large volume drug incidents.

He is highly qualified to handle the toughest of matters including death penalty cases. He has been lead attorney on several high profile homicides, and has resolved several death penalty cases where the death penalty allegations were completely dismissed.

Facing sex crime allegations, domestic violence, drug charges, assault, or battery? We can help!

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Gold River Criminal Defense Attorney

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At Chastaine Jones we are dedicated to making sure you have a clear understanding of the legal process and your rights. Being accused of a crime is a serious matter and can be very stressful. The What You Need to Know books are written to educate and explain what occurs when you are accused of a crime. Knowledge is power.

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Our Client Testimonials

Ed’s Testimonial

Ed and his wife had been running a daycare for 16 years when they awoke one day with their house surrounded by the police. Ed was arrested and placed in jail and his family was afraid. Not knowing what to do, he reached out to Mike from the Chastaine Jones, who gave him a solid defense plan and proved his innocence in court. Had he not sought the expertise of this Sacramento County Criminal Defense Attorney, he would have lost his family, his freedom, and the career that he’s dedicated his life to.

Scott’s Testimonial

Acknowledging the need for solid legal advice in the State of California, Scott decided to work with Mike Chastaine, head attorney of the Chastaine Jones Firm, to resolve a very critical personal issue. Working with the criminal defense lawyer took a lot of discomfort and pain away from his shoulders.

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Martin Jones did outstanding work

Martin Jones did outstanding work for a family member who has complicated issues that have caused him time and again to be incarcerated. Martin stayed in close touch with the family and helped this person get needed counseling and medical attention. Martins efforts far exceeded what I expected from a public defender. I wish Martin all the best in the future. I believe the criminal justice system could use a lot more like him.

Speaking of the Placer Public Defenders Office itself, this family member was helped on several occasions and I am left with a high opinion of their work

Vincent Pratillo

Martin Jones is a outstanding Public Defender

He helped me Through all my court proceedings with a phenomenal end result. He is very professional and follows through with all his efforts. He is a great addition to that particular office and needs to be commended for all his hard work. I am thrilled and super excited about my end result. It was all because of the hard work that Martin put in to complete what he started. Please give him a raise! Thank you

Mike Skillman

He was a powerhouse and extremely impressive in the courtroom.

Working with Mike turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had in the legal arena. He never led me to believe in false promises. He was a powerhouse and extremely impressive in the courtroom. And he treated me with the utmost respect throughout the months that we worked together. I have and will continue to, recommend Mike and his firm to my friends and colleagues. Mike will always be the first point of contact for me for all my legal issues.

David W

As an investigator, he is one of the easiest attorneys to work with or for.

Michael as a lawyer seems to have an uncanny knack at cutting to the chase. As an investigator, he is one of the easiest attorneys to work with or for. He understands as a professional you know your job. He gives you the freedom to be creative and do that job. This equates to clients getting the most out their legal defense team.

Rodney O

Mike was available to me 24 hours a day until the case was successfully resolved.

I was referred to Mike Chastaine when Criminal Allegations were brought against me. Mike was available to me 24 hours a day until the case was successfully resolved, with all charges being dismissed by the court. Thanks for doing a Great Job.


Martin Jones knowledge of the law was excellent

My original opinion of the PD was that it was the option of last resort. I now believe it may be the option of first resort. . He has a good working knowledge of the court room and helped us understand how the system worked. He appeared to have good relations with the district attorneys office. I interviewed several private attorneys all them knew Mr Jones, spoke highly of him and recommended that I stick with him. I’m sure that attorneys for the PD’s carry heavy case loads. Mr Jones responded to our calls and emails in a timely manor. In court he always made time for our questions. I would like to thank Martin Jones and the PD’s office for their service.

Frank Cross
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