People sometimes think that the past won’t catch up with them, but with the prevalence of online resources and easy information transfer, your past may come back to haunt you. One of the problems that can pop up is a criminal record. The crime doesn’t even have to be that bad; misdemeanors, like drunk driving, can have the same effect as a felony. Even an arrest can be bad enough to cost you a job or ruin your future prospects.

The Effects of a Criminal Record

Hiring a criminal record expungement attorney in Sacramento is the best way to protect yourself from the consequences of past transgressions. What exactly can you expect if you have a criminal record? The main thing is that it can lower your chances of getting employed. Nowadays, most employers do background checks when offering a job. This is for security purposes and other concerns. For example, a school may want to hire a teacher who works with children. They would want a person who has a good background handling kids. Having an arrest on your record for any crime is a black mark against you, especially if you want to work closely with children, the elderly, and the disabled.

The other effect of having a criminal record is added difficulty when seeking a professional license. Doctors, nurses, teachers, contractors, are among the many professionals that require professional licenses.

How to Expunge Your Record

This is why you’d want to hire an expungement attorney, like those from The Chastaine Law Office, to help expunge your criminal record. The process is a lot easier and faster if you have legal support. There are several things to prove if you want your record expunged. First, you’ll need to prove your offense can be expunged; certain criminal offenses cannot be legally dismissed. Next, you’ll need to prove that you are eligible for expungement. This means you have served your sentence and completed probation. Your attorney can help gather the proof of both and can help with any legal difficulties.