You don’t have to go through the rest of your life with a conviction on your record if you are charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). A good criminal defense attorney in Rancho Cordova can help you with your case. Ideally, he or she should not only have experience in handling DUI cases, but also have experience in expunging DUI convictions.

DUI and Expungement

DUI cases can be extremely intricate. There is a whole host of issues surrounding your DUI conviction and expungement. Things like a certain waiting period before you can apply for an expungement must be taken into account. Your driving record before and after the DUI conviction can also have an effect.

There also may be extenuating circumstances that can be used to strengthen the petition for expungement. Given the possible complications in the process, obtaining the services of a lawyer well-versed and experienced in expungement can be crucial to the success or failure of your efforts.

Sealing Your DUI Arrest

Sometimes you hear the term “sealing” your DUI arrest record and sometimes, you hear people use the term “expungement.” The terms are very similar and mean essentially the same thing. Under California law, the courts call it a “dismissal.” This is because the court is really reopening your criminal case and then dismissing the prior conviction.


The intricacies of eligibility for expungement also argues for obtaining a qualified lawyer who can assist you with determining if you are eligible. Note that even when you are eligible, there are certain criteria that you must meet before you can consider an expungement. For example, factors like paying all fines, other pending charges, restitution payments, probation and more can affect the eligibility.

Limits of Expunging

There are also things that expunging your record will not do. It will not, for example, under California law restore your rights to own a gun or return the points taken away when you were convicted of DUI. You will still have the expunged DUI held against you if you are convicted of another DUI offense within a certain time limit. A good expungement attorney should be able to explain all these limitations to you.

Expungement can be critical to helping you get a good job. Do not let a DUI conviction hold you back from moving on with your life. Let an experienced and knowledgeable Rancho Cordova DUI attorney who understands expungement and California law help you so as to maximize your chances of success.