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Month: October 2014

New Privacy Laws in California

California is a state that is concerned with the privacy of its citizens. This year there were several new Privacy laws signed into law and going into effect January 1, 2015. Use of Drones: Drones are being used at an ever-increasing rate by people for all kinds of purposes. Some are good and other not so much. The new Civil…

California Gun Laws – New and Pending

California Gun Laws – New and Pending Governor Brown signed into law a new type of restraining order known as a “gun Violence restraining order.” This restraining order allows a family member to seek a 21 day ex parte firearm restraining order when someone poses “an immediate and present danger.” This order can be extended to a yearlong period. The…

Sacramento Expungement Attorney Differentiates Expungements v. Pardons

To the general public, the distinction between an expungement and a pardon might seem insignificant. However, to someone who is seeking a normal life after a criminal offense, the differences—and their consequences—are far-reaching, especially when explained by a seasoned professional like leading Sacramento expungement attorney Michael . For instance, an online article published by legal education portal highlighted the…