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A Sacramento Criminal Record Expungement Attorney Can Seal Your Record

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Expungements

A Sacramento Criminal Record Expungement Attorney Can Seal Your Record

Getting involved in a crime in Sacramento leaves more than just guilt and trauma. Even after everyone seems to have moved on, the crime can haunt the person for the rest of their life through a criminal record. Years later a record can still cause unbearable consequences.

In her article for about criminal backgrounds, contributor Barbara Diggs discussed the negative effects of a criminal record on a person’s life. The most common of these are difficulties in finding a job. Many employers will not hire people with criminal records—and even if they do, they give ex-convicts few opportunities for promotion. Such a situation could mean a difficult life or a seemingly hopeless future.

A criminal record can also prevent you from migrating or traveling to certain countries. More and more countries are requiring a clean record when granting a travel visa. It’s important to research which countries allow travelers with criminal records to enter their shores.

How Can a Criminal Record Expungement Attorney Help?

Thanks to a criminal record expungement attorney from Sacramento, however, there’s hope. This kind of attorney specializes in clearing up a person’s arrest and conviction record, hence the term (expungement). The lawyer does this by providing the court with justifiable reasons to restore their client’s clean record and helps them to enjoy more of life opportunities.

However, the possibility of expungement does not apply to everyone. Eligibility for criminal record expungement can vary from state to state. Some will allow it for individuals who have finished serving their sentences. Others allow it only for those with arrest and misdemeanor convictions. An experienced Sacramento record clearance attorney can help you seek expungement, including contacting the correct offices, such as the law enforcement agency that handled your case. He or she will then determine if your state criminal court provides expungement for the type of record you have.

A Sacramento expungement lawyer can greatly help ease the process. Besides knowing the ins and outs of the relevant laws, the attorney can work to help you get more than just a clean slate. Your lawyer may also help you get a certificate of rehabilitation. Or, in some cases, he or she can help you get a finding of factual innocence. This completely erases all connections you may have with a particular crime and helps you start over.

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