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Month: May 2016

Yes Means yes – Sex on Campus in 2016

In my opinion, college is a great time to experiment. You try new things, push the envelope and develop in many ways. Meeting different people and figuring out where you fit in socially is a big part of the college experience, including sexual experimentation. Things have changed a lot since I went to college. Nowadays, kids still experiment with sex…

Fear in the Legal System

Mike takes a look at the prevalence of fear in the legal system and how its used from passing laws that are tough on crime, to how it affects the person caught up in the system. Fear is a powerful tactic but knowledge is even more powerful. Join us for another educational broadcast and learn how to protect yourself. LISTEN…

A Sacramento Expungement Attorney Will Help You Return to Work Quickly

A Sacramento Expungement Attorney Will Help You Return to Work Quickly After facing a conviction and serving your time for your crime, starting a new life and getting a new job should definitely be among your priorities. Yet it can be difficult to start anew, with your criminal records reducing your chances of employment. Through expungement, you can answer no…

Things to Know Prior to Getting a Criminal Record Expungement Attorney

A criminal record expungement attorney is basically a lawyer whose practice focuses on cleaning up conviction and arrest records. This allows an individual who has a criminal record to have their history cleared to the extent allowed by law. In other words, expungement is actually a process of “reformatting” your criminal record. Most US states have their own definition of the…