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A Sacramento Expungement Attorney Briefly Discusses Expungement Rules

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2016 | Expungements

A Sacramento Expungement Attorney Briefly Discusses Expungement Rules

After one has served time for a crime, there is always hope of starting life anew. For this reason, professionals like a criminal record expungement attorney in Sacramento have dedicated their work to assisting those who want to have their cases dismissed. Having an experienced lawyer by your side can give you peace of mind and let you be on your way to bouncing back after a conviction.

Before applying for criminal record expungement, your attorney must first inspect your case carefully. There are certain conditions set forth by the county that need to be complied with, such as your time served in jail, your behavior, payment of fees and fines, appearance in hearings, and others.

As the application process and requirements for dismissal of your conviction may vary from case to case, it is best to consult with an attorney with an experience in criminal record expungement. He can talk you through the things you need to do, and advise you on the best course of action to take.

Limitations of Criminal Record Expungement

In Sacramento, expungement does not immediately mean that your criminal record will be totally erased. After fulfilling all the conditions set upon by the court, your conviction will be dismissed, but it will not disappear from your record.

Note that your conviction will still be present in the database of the FBI and the state of California. If, by any chance, you are charged with another offense, your prior conviction may still be used against you, and charges may increase.

What Happens after Expungement

After the application process and with help from your lawyer, you may be able to breathe more easily following your conviction. You now have the opportunity to apply for work, and you may even receive your licenses once more. Sacramento law states that when filling out forms for employment or applications, you need not mention that you have been convicted, as your case has been dismissed.

In certain scenarios, you may still rejoin any professional organizations you belonged to, and may even hold positions of office, depending on the rules of the said group. According to California State Laws, dismissal of your conviction may also allow you to run for public office.

If you need further information about criminal record expungement in Sacramento, consult with a reputable attorney today. Find out how you can get over the hurdle and proceed to live a normal and peaceful life.

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