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Aspects of Your Life that Your Expungement Attorney Can Help Improve

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2016 | Expungements

Aspects of Your Life that Your Expungement Attorney Can Help Improve

A criminal record, no matter how minor it is, can affect your future. In a society where convictions are often used to define people, you risk living in shame about your past. Your criminal record can also prevent you from attaining your dream job or advancing onto new chapters of your life.

However, getting convicted isn’t the end of your story; you can enlist the help of a criminal record expungement attorney serving Sacramento to clear past criminal convictions. Effectively, you can truthfully say to anyone that you haven’t been convicted of a crime. This will let you proceed with your life just as any other person does.

Job Hunting

When applying for work, you will likely be asked whether you have a criminal history. Your answer to this question is crucial in getting hired. Most companies will think twice about hiring a person with a criminal record. If your record is expunged, however, you can answer “no” to that question and you will be legally correct. This will greatly improve your chances of landing the job.

Loan Application

Loan agencies can have reservations about approving your application if you have a criminal record, which makes you appear unable to fulfill your financial responsibilities. You may also receive prohibitive interest rates. When your record is expunged, you won’t have to worry about loan agencies learning about that portion of your life.


Your criminal background is crucial when you want to adopt. It’s illegal in 15 states for a convicted person to adopt a child. But you still may have a chance to adopt a child with the assistance of a Sacramento area expungement attorney working with you on your record.

These are some of the aspects of your life that can improve once your criminal record is expunged. But most of all, you can find peace of mind knowing that you can legally leave that part of your life behind you. You don’t have to carry its burden anymore, free of worrying that it will resurface when you try looking for a job, taking out a loan or wanting to become a parent.

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