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Month: November 2017

Clean and Sober Recovery Services in Orangevale, CA

John Perry and Chris Wright, the founders of Clean and Sober Recovery Services, share their personal stories and why they created this excellent local resource for those struggling with substance abuse disorder. Their programs range from intervention, detox, residential and outpatient treatment for adults 18 and up, plus transitional living for those ready to reintegrate with their community. Their programs…

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Law Lets You Have a Clean Record via a Sacramento Expungement Attorney

Last November, 2014, California voted for Proposition 47, which downgraded “non-serious and non-violent property and drug crimes” to misdemeanors. Since then, courts have reported a surge in petitions for resentencing or record purges. The California Legislative Analyst’s Office in 2012 estimated that drug charges will drop by nearly 40,000 after its passing. The new law will make it easier for…

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Sex Offender registration – Light at the end of the Tunnel?

California is only one of 4 states that have lifetime sex offender registration for any offense in which you are required to register. While there are a few very limited offenses for which it is possible to be relieved of the duty to register, the vast majority of sex offenses are specifically excluded from any relief by Penal Code section…

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