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Clean and Sober Recovery Services in Orangevale, CA

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2017 | Firm News

John Perry and Chris Wright, the founders of Clean and Sober Recovery Services, share their personal stories and why they created this excellent local resource for those struggling with substance abuse disorder. Their programs range from intervention, detox, residential and outpatient treatment for adults 18 and up, plus transitional living for those ready to reintegrate with their community.

Their programs are 12 Step based with a three-pronged approach – biological, psychological and social. They have many free services for family members, no matter if their loved ones are in treatment or not, because they understand first hand how vital family is to the disease and to recovery.

You can call Clean & Sober Recovery Services today for a free, confidential assessment to learn how they can help with your or your loved ones’ drug or alcohol rehab. Please call 916-932-7150 for more information. They accept insurance and offer a variety of affordable treatment options. Centrally located at 5820 Chestnut Avenue in Orangevale, California, they are just 30 minutes from downtown Sacramento.


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