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Month: April 2021

Disorderly Conduct in California

Disorderly conduct, also known as disturbing the peace, involves actions done in public that may be disruptive or offensive. Depending on the state, public intoxication may be considered as part of disorderly conduct or the state may have separate laws specific to being drunk in public. Still, alcohol and drugs are often a common factor in disorderly conduct, as well…

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Records Expungement in California

Getting a job nowadays is very hard. Get a criminal offense and it becomes next to impossible. Fortunately, under the California Penal Code and criminal justice system, persons charged with criminal offenses can apply for expungement which can wipe out their criminal history and the associated penalties and disabilities. The main benefit of this is that once a person has…

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California Criminal Background Check

Job hunting has never been easy, having a criminal record certainly does nothing to help it make it any easier. Studies have shown that most employers actively perform background checks to screen potential employees. They often also ask about applicants’ criminal histories during interviews. Unfortunately, this is bad news to the roughly 8 million California residents out there, which is…

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