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Running out of Time or Energy

Mike and E address the difference between having enough energy or time. What is the real challenge and what you can do about it? They also speak about the importance of doing the inner work necessary for change. Are you really ready to change your life? Then you need to listen to this one! For more information visit us at…

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Self-care and the Art of Working from Home

Selfcare and the art of working from home with special guest Jim Kaspari. Balancing work and life is imperative – especially during COVID19. The team has great tips on how to work from home from the actual physical setup to getting your inner game on. Plus a revolutionary new concept called three-dimensional action strategizing! Learn more about Jim Kaspari:…

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Challenging Times Mean You Need to Stay Healthy and Positive!

Challenging times mean you need to stay healthy and positive but that is not always so easy to do!  Business and life coach Jim Kaspari shares with Mike practical tips on the power of acceptance, sorting through what is working in your and what is not, journaling and more. This week’s program is very inspiring! Learn more about Jim Kaspari…

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Live Update on How the Courts are Handling the COVID Crisis

A timely update on how the courts are handling the covid19 crisis. Mike and E discuss what crimes are down and which ones are on an increase. Specifically, domestic violence. With over 35 years of practicing criminal defense, Mike has some important insights into these types of charges. For more information visit us at Share This Story, Choose Your…

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Clean and Sober Recovery Services in Orangevale, CA

John Perry and Chris Wright, the founders of Clean and Sober Recovery Services, share their personal stories and why they created this excellent local resource for those struggling with substance abuse disorder. Their programs range from intervention, detox, residential and outpatient treatment for adults 18 and up, plus transitional living for those ready to reintegrate with their community. Their programs…

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Cultivating Good Energy and How it Can Best Serve You in Life and in the Legal System

Cultivating Good Energy and How it Can Best Serve You in Life and in the Legal System Cultivating good relationships is based on the attitude you bring to any situation. Mike shares why having a bad attitude can dramatically affect the outcome of your case. From the time of your arrest, working with your attorney and being in the court…

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