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Violent Crimes

Properly Dealing with Assault Charges

Assault and battery charges are some of the most difficult cases to handle. These two often come together, but important distinctions must be made to minimize errors. An offender who intentionally threatens manipulates, or intimidates an alleged victim and then actually commits an act that leads to serious bodily injury can be charged with assault and battery. If you are…

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What is a Violent Crime in California?

Violent crimes or violent felonies are those crimes where the perpetrator or offender uses force or threat on a victim. A violent felony can be done even with or without the use of firearms or weapons for crimes related to violence include malicious hostility toward other people and behaviors like lack of self-control, anger, mental or psychological issues which may…

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How to Contest an Assault Charge in California

An assault is a violent crime. It may involve threatening or attempting to cause serious physical injury or even the act of causing bodily harm or unwanted physical contact on another individual. This may range from touching or stalking to sexual assault or harassment. In some instances, endangerment of human life involves intentional assault with the use of a dangerous…

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Violent Crimes in California

In California, violent crimes are not just misdemeanor offenses. It is classified as a felony when any violent act is committed with intent to harm or inflict injury upon the victim. Violent crimes wherein the violent act is the objective will definitely lead to felony charges. Such violent acts include murders, involuntary manslaughter, assault and battery, rapes or sexual assault,…

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