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The “How to Survive Series” of Books
by Attorney Mike Chastaine

I wrote this series of books as part of my dedication to educating people accused of crimes. Whether they retain my firm or not, people need to be armed with knowledge on how the system works. Our legal system is an adversarial system that doesn’t always hold people’s best interests, or innocence, as it’s priority. The consequences of a conviction cannot be overstated. Being accused and convicted of a crime, no matter what kind, IS LIFE CHANGING. Your life will never be the same. Over the years I have seen people who never fully recover. Many eventually do but it is a tough road coming back from a conviction or even just an accusation. Your life, your livelihood, your family and your social structure will all be deeply affected. You need help and knowledge. My suggestion to you is to click on the tab below and get a free copy of any of my books. Even if you have never been accused of a crime and don’t plan on being, these books contain important information about the criminal justice system that is helpful for everybody. Knowledge is power. These books are my gift to you, to ensure that the system stays fair.

- Mike Chastaine, Criminal Defense Attorney for Over 32 Years

Books written by one of Northern California’s premier criminal defense attorneys, Mike Chastaine

How To Survive a DUI Arrest: What You Need to Know by Mike ChastaineHow to Survive a DUI Arrest: What You Need to Know

A DUI is never part of anyone’s plan, and it can significantly alter the course of their future. As an experienced DUI attorney, I’ve received thousands of phone calls from people that are scared, nervous and unsure of what to do next. I wrote this book to provide many of the answers.

If you have been arrested for a DUI and are unsure of your next steps, this book can act as an informative supplement to your DUI attorney’s counsel. Please take advantage of our free consultation so we can review the specifics of your case.

Legal Excellence Award for Michael ChastaineLearn:

  • How to act with the police
  • Arrest and Bail information
  • What a DUI means for your license
  • How criminal proceedings work
  • What are proven DUI defenses
  • What to do if you’re being sued in civil court
  • Restitution and accident information
  • And more…

How to Survive a Criminal ArrestHow to Survive a Criminal Arrest: What You Need to Know

Being charge with a crime is scary and there is a great deal of uncertainty. As an experienced criminal defense attorney for over 32 years, I’ve seen it all. Each year I receive hundreds of phone calls from people that are unsure of what to do next. I always give them my book to read so that they have a basic understanding how the system works. People need to understand the process so they can know what to expect. Once they have a basic idea, we can then start working together to formulate the best possible defense. I believe in working with my clients as a unified team.

If you have been accused of a crime, you need to read this book and take advantage of our free consultation.


  • What to do after an arrest
  • What is an arraignment and pretrial hearing
  • What happens at a preliminary hearing
  • What to expect in court
  • How a criminal conviction impacts your employment
  • How to rebuild your life, relationships and career prospects
  • And more…

How To Survive A Sex Crime AllegationHow To Survive A Sex Crime Allegation: What You Need to Know

Sex offenses are different than any other types of crime. These charges are extremely serious and difficult to defend. One could honestly say that once an allegation has been made – especially involving a child, that the deck is stacked against you.

Jury’s hate these cases. District Attorney Offices have specialized units to prosecute these types of cases. The rules of evidence are different, and information that would never be allowed before a jury in a regular case can be admitted in a case involving allegations of sexual misconduct with a child. In short, these cases are very complex and the consequences are life changing.

This book is designed to provide a basic understanding of some of the issues that arise when a person is either being investigated or has been charged with some sort of sexual misconduct. It is not a substitution for strong legal counsel. This book focuses mostly on child sexual assault allegations because those types of cases have special rules and considerations.


  • What a pretext call is and how to protect yourself
  • Why you never want to talk to the police
  • The types of evidence that the prosecution will try to use to convict you
  • What are the various types of court appearances
  • Why having a strong team on your side is critical
  • And more

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