Finding yourself in police custody for driving under the influence (DUI) can be damaging to your professional reputation, regardless of what you do for a living. Dealing with that hurdle is something you cannot easily do alone.

Professional licensing boards often will take action against a person’s professional license in the wake of a DUI conviction. The nature of the action will often depend upon the facts surrounding the arrest and how it might relate to the profession. For example, a teacher on her way to work or with children in the car, will be treated harsher then a teacher arrested for a DUI on a Saturday night. The closer the connection between the conduct and the profession, the more sever the potential adverse action.

Certainly, multiple DUI convictions will cause a licensing board to feel it has to address the issue, even if there is no clear connection to the profession. The lawyers at the Chastaine Law Office can address your employment concerns in these situations.In Sacramento County, police officers remain vigilant in their efforts to locate and arrest those driving under the influence. To properly deal with all of the issues that surround a DUI charge, a criminal defense attorney in Rancho Cordova such as Michael Chastaine can provide aggressive legal representation, see if police had probable cause to arrest you, study all aspects of your case, and present all of the evidence that is in your favor. The Chastaine Law Office can also address the issues presented by the DMV and any licensing board.

There are also certain vital points you must bear in mind. The following may put you in a better position:

Silent Cooperation

Everything that you say can (and likely will) be used against you if you are prosecuted for a DUI. If you get pulled over, be prepared for the possibility that the officer will ask you to undergo a series of field sobriety tests, even if you claim to be sober at the time. In California, refusal to undergo a chemical test following a DUI arrest could lead to heavier consequences, including automatic suspension of your driving privileges.

Keep in mind that DUI arrests typically follow a specific line of procedures. Any weak links in that chain may be pointed out in court. Keep calm and do your best to remember as many details as possible about what occurs during the stop, testing and arrest stages. This information may be vital in crafting a defense with the help of a trusted Rancho Cordova DUI attorney.


If someone was with you at the time of your arrest, it would be best to discourage them from meddling with the officers in case they decide to bring you in for questioning. Under California Penal Code Section 148, such actions may render the interfering party liable for impeding official duties.

A DUI conviction and suspension of driving privileges can be damaging to your reputation and even downright life changing. Fortunately, lawyers like Mr. Chastaine stand ready to aggressively defend you and give you a fighting chance in court. Spare yourself from unnecessary costs and inconvenience by getting quality legal guidance.