Join Mike Chastaine and his special guest Topo Padilla. Topo is owner of Greg Padilla Bail Bonds, a local, family owned bail bond company. Mike and Topo discuss the current state of the bail bond industry and the current legislation that is seeking to change how pre-trial defendants are dealt with by the criminal justice system. While there is a move afoot to eliminate the bail bond industry, Mike and Topo discussed why requiring people to have skin in the game – i.e., post bail dramatically improves the likely-hood of people appearing in court and assures that someone is willing to go find anyone who fails to appear in court. Having skin in the game is critical to assuring that the system works smoothly. Mike and Topo discuss why schedule bail in California are too high and other options to address the concern that only rich people can bail out of jail. Topo also discusses how eliminating the bail bond industry has been a huge expense to the tax payers in other jurisdictions that have attempted to remove bail bonds as an option to pre-trial release.