Have you had a drink when stopped by a police officer on the road? In such a situation, you risk being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and this can cause serious trouble. You can be arrested and have to go to court to answer to the charges. If this happens you need the assistance of a DUI attorney to help with your defense.

It’s important that you know what to do and say when the police stop you so that you can build a strong defense. Otherwise, you may harm your own defense and make it harder to win your DUI case.

Follow Instructions

Avoid arguing with the police officer and do what you’re told. Keep in mind that the officer is in charge of the situation. Arguing with the police and refusing to follow directions will be interpreted as a sign of impairment. Being cooperative might be the difference between going home and going to jail. Remain calm and don’t engage in conflict.

Speak Wisely

Be straightforward when answering the officer’s questions. Stick to simple details and avoid divulging too much information. Don’t argue, answer any questions asked without elaboration. You should save your arguments for the hearing as anything you say to the officer will go into the report and this could harm your case. Watch the way you speak and act as well. Remember that the officer is observing you, don’t let your actions be interpreted as evidence of impairment.

Avoid Underestimation

When you’re asked how much you drank, avoid giving an estimate. This may put a dent in your credibility when you claim to have had only a beer or two, but your blood alcohol content (BAC) indicates differently. It’s better to say “a few” or say “a couple” or, you’re not sure, instead of providing an underestimation.

All these tips sound simple, but they may help get you off the hook. If you have been arrested for a DUI, you should call an experienced criminal defense attorney serving Rancho Cordova to help you. Remember, though, that the best prevention of a DUI is to not drive after drinking use a designated driver or call a taxi when in doubt. A $30 car ride is much cheaper than the cost of being arrested.