After a person suffers a criminal conviction, he may have the option to have his records expunged. Clearing the history can give a convicted individual a fresh start on life, and it can also help save the American public money.

Good for the Economy

Employers might be reluctant to hire someone with a record, but this problem can be minimized with help from a criminal record expungement attorney in Sacramento. Depending on the offense, it may be possible to have a case dismissed and allow you to legally say you have no criminal history. That makes people with prior records more employable. Rather than being a burden on society, they can support themselves, improve their self-esteem and even contribute to the tax base.

More than a Movement

Some states are moving forward with laws that prevent employers from asking if an individual has a criminal history, but expungement goes a step further. Even with a “Ban the box” movement, employers can still run mandatory background checks where this information might appear. If records are expunged, the case is dismissed.

You Must Make the Request

This option is available to people who were convicted of crimes in which probation was granted. The conviction will remain on your record indefinitely unless you specifically request to have it expunged. A Sacramento expungement attorney like those from The Chastaine Law Office can provide you with more information about the process and related costs. It may even be possible for an attorney to have a felony conviction dismissed from the records and cleared out of your public history.

What Expungement Involves

While there is no erasing the past, an expungement is used to effectively remove the information from public records. If you’re worried about finding a job with your criminal history, then you’ll be relieved to know that there is hope. The actions of your past do not have to define your future and limit your options. With help from an attorney, it’s possible to clear the record and give yourself the clean slate that you deserve.