There may be a point in time where you are facing legal trouble, such as a DUI. Not only are these charges scary, but they can also have a huge impact on your life. You can deal with them appropriately by being proactive and having a tangible plan.

Decide on a Path

When you first start dealing with a DUI charge, you need to know which path to head down. You can either plead guilty or plead innocent and fight the charge. If you are flat out guilty, you may just need to own up to your mistake and seek help to get the best possible outcome.

It will be important to show the judge that you fully recognize how the incident occurred and acknowledge the error of your ways. This may include, entering an AA program, or another type of rehab program, to demonstrate to the judge you are taking this charge seriously. This may lessen the charge or the penalties so your life is not impacted as severely as it could be from this one incident. Guilty or not, your best move is to hire an attorney.

Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s always vital to hire a criminal defense attorney in Rancho Cordova to help you deal with a DUI charge. They have a lot of experience dealing with these cases and you can gain insight from them. They often have a variety of ways they can help with your case that you would never know were possible or would be aware of. They can examine your case thoroughly and come up with a plan on how it should be handled most effectively.

They will be able to help compile evidence, raise doubts and present a credible defense to prove your innocence, or lessen your charges. Whether you are dealing with the DMV or the court, having experienced counsel on your side is critical. Another way they can support you is by working with the courts to come to some sort of plea bargain. This is important for lessening your sentence or serving less time in jail. Your criminal defense attorney will inform you all throughout the process so you know what is happening with your case.

If you are proactive, willing to avoid drinking and driving, and ready to seek help from a DUI lawyer in Rancho Cordova, you’ll be able to handle a DUI charge the right way – the best way. Your life doesn’t have to be over because of one bad judgement call.

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