Mike has special guest Topo Padilla of Greg Padilla Bail Bonds to discuss what is going on in the bail industry. There is new legislations and law suits attacking the Bail Bond industry and Topo provided the latest in up to date news. Mike and Topo also discussed the impact of Propositions 47 and 57 and how they have affected people who are convicted of crimes. Under Proposition 47 some people who have been convicted of non-serious felonies served all their “prison sentence” in the county jail. One of the problems with this situation is that county jails don’t offer the same types of rehabilitation programs and job training programs that State correctional institutions offer. This holds back many people because they don’t come out of jail with any marketable skills. Both Mike and Topo agreed that bail schedules need to be lowered and rehabilitation needs to be more of a focus in our criminal justice system.