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A Unique Criminal Defense Firm

Protecting The Rights of Sacramento Area’s Criminally Accused

What makes us different? Our process is unique. We are proud to employ the D.E.F.E.N.D.S. approach in every case.


Our job is to aggressively discover all the information possible in a case.


The key to any defense case is gathering all the evidence. There is often far more evidence than clients and even prosecutors realize. We employ investigators to interview witnesses overlooked by the police. Once the evidence is gathered, the next phase begins.

Find the Weakness

After all the evidence has been gathered, the attorneys at Chastaine Jones collectively evaluate the evidence to find any weaknesses. By employing our experiences, they will also scour the evidence for possible constitutional violations and defenses for your specific charges.

Enter Negotiations

With all the evidence in and the analysis complete, we enter into negotiations with the prosecutor. Sometimes there are enough weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that we can get a dismissal. In other cases, our experienced criminal defense attorneys use whatever facts we can to mitigate any punishment. Getting you the best resolution possible is our highest priority. Sometimes, the only viable option is to fight the case and set it for trial.

Only through skilled negotiations can we determine the best options.


The goal in every case is always the same: to have the case dismissed. We do everything we can to beat the case upfront and get that dismissal without you ever having to plead guilty. Often, that is not possible. What is almost always possible is to have the case dismissed after you have successfully completed probation. Getting a dismissal after probation helps protect your record and is the final step in putting this case behind you.


We are here to support you through every step of the process. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys are here to answer questions and educate you about the process. Any conviction will come with conditions of probation. We help you keep track of and fulfill every one of those conditions. We will call you to remind you of important dates/deadlines and answer questions you have. Our commitment to customer service never ends!

Facing Criminal Charges?

Our Sacramento County criminal defense attorneys are near you in Gold River. We are ready to fight for you. Contact Chastaine Jones or call our office at 916-894-8431 to schedule a consultation and begin your defense today.