Do I Need a Criminal Lawyer?

Facing Criminal Charges Is Always a Serious Matter

The simple answer is yes. Criminal Law is an adversarial process. The government has many resources and highly trained attorneys with one goal in mind – to convict you of a crime. You have to protect yourself. Whether you are innocent or are just looking for fair treatment, you have to fight back. The government will take advantage of your lack of knowledge if you don’t have a skilled lawyer at your side.

Being convicted of a crime can lead to jail time or a prison sentence. It can also come with restrictive and expensive conditions of probation, loss of gun rights and sometimes impact other areas such as immigration and employment. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to improve your chances of a favorable outcome in all of these areas.
Given the serious consequences, it’s vital that you protect your rights.

Facing Criminal Charges?

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Good Representation is a Bargain

A prosecutor’s favorite kind of defendant is an unrepresented one. Too often prosecutors charge crimes they can’t support, enhancements they can’t prove, and make plea offers unjustified by the facts. They rely on the accused being scared and wanting to resolve their case as quickly as possible. You don’t want to wonder if you really had to plead guilty. We protect you from pleading guilty if you don’t have to and ensure you’re getting the best possible offer if you do end up settling your case. Most people believe that hiring an attorney is too expensive, but good representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney is a bargain compared to the cost of incarceration and the loss of your rights.

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