Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) can be stressful. It can affect your reputation by appearing on your criminal record, especially if you’re convicted. This is why you need to do everything you can to build your defense case with the help of a DUI lawyer.

However, though your lawyer can help you through the entire process, your own actions in the days following your arrest can make or break your case. So, make sure you avoid any activity that could jeopardize your case.

Avoid Using a Suspended License

If you’re license is suspended, it’s imperative to cease driving until your license is reissued. When you get caught without a valid license, you risk being charged again–something the prosecutor can use to demonstrate how you repeatedly violate traffic laws. This seriously jeopardizes your DUI defense and eliminates your chances of a favorable plea bargain.

Don’t Turn to Social Media

Defending yourself on social media won’t do you any good. Just the opposite: The prosecutor can dissect your posts to be used against you before the court. Even if you only want to vent and explain yourself, avoid going public. What you post may contradict your previous testimony and further jeopardize your case.

Attend Every Court Date

Missing a court date can lower your chances of winning the case. Your absence demonstrates that you are not serious about your defense, weakening your credibility, which is critical to defending yourself against any criminal charge. Also, skipping court dates may drive a judge to issue a bench warrant that would enable law officers to immediately arrest you once they find you.

Think Before Pleading

In some instances, defendants immediately plead guilty because they think they don’t stand a chance of fighting the case. The truth, however, is that a range of defense options that can help you reduce or completely reverse the charges.

This is why you need to first find an experienced criminal defense attorney in Rancho Cordova before making a plea. From there, you can determine the best course of action, depending on your situation.

Stay collected and keep all of these tips in mind while dealing with an otherwise very stressful and traumatic event. The process can be methodical, but as long as you’re working with a lawyer you can trust, you always stand a fighting chance.