You never know what opportunities will arise. The Chastaine Law Office has always been committed to educating its clients regarding important legal issues. Mike wrote the book “How to Survive a DUI Arrest, What You NEED to Know” in order to provide important information to clients and the community at large regarding the legal information and factors that surround Driving Under the Influence cases.

The Chastaine Law Office regularly provides informative blog articles on a regular basis. Subjects range from criminal record clearance to sex offender registration issues and new laws that might impact criminal cases. On the Chastaine Law Office Facebook page, there are almost daily posts about subjects that are important to the community.

It is in this spirit that Mike Chastaine is now hosting the Legal Hour, a radio talk show. The show broadcasts every Friday at 3 pm on KSAC-FM Money 105.5. You can listen in three ways:

  1. Live on the radio at KSAC-FM Money 105.5.
  2. Live on the internet through the Tap the App made specifically for Money 105.5fm
  3. Podcasts on our website. We make these available within a few days from the original broadcast. Go to Publications page< Podcasts

Each week Mike will be discussing current legal topics or other issues that are related to criminal law. DUI’s, gun laws, criminal justice reform, the criminal process and other related subjects will be covered in an entertaining and easy to understand manner. Mike will also cover non-criminal and business issues that pop up from time to time. We try to take the “legalese” out of the law. Using 30 years of experience and applying common sense, Mike will explain the issues and discuss both sides of the topic. There will be experts and guests to come and help flesh out the information. With his sidekick “E”, the office manager of the Chastaine Law Office, there will be a great discussion every week. Our goal is to have you learn something new every week.

Have something interesting to talk about around the water cooler!