Driving while under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense. You are facing jail time, large fines, driving license restrictions and even possible employment implications. If you find yourself or anyone in your family on the wrong side of the law you should you should hire a knowledgeable a law firm with a specific focus on DUI cases.

Knowing your CaseLawyers are lawyers, right? Not really. Although they may be under the same job description, they have varying areas of practice. While most attorneys who practice criminal law will “handle” DUI’s, you want a firm that has a specific focus on driving under the influence cases. If you get charged with a DUI offense in Rancho Cordova or the surrounding Sacramento area, it is best to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Rancho Cordova like those who practice at the Chastaine Law Office. Such lawyers have a specific focus on all aspects of DUI law and the related DMV hearings. Employing their services to address your current legal predicament gives you an advantage because their familiarity with the local laws should be able to help you deal with your charges in a manner that gets you the most favorable outcome.

Being on the Same Page

Finding a DUI lawyer in Rancho Cordova is one thing; having a rapport with and being able to trust them enough to let them handle your case is another. Given the difficulty you are going through, you need a lawyer who you can be sure will exhaust all possible legal means to attain justice for you. An experienced DUI lawyer in Rancho Cordova examine all of the evidence, including the records related to the chemical tests, and will give you their advice and guidance on the best way to proceed. By asking you the right questions, both you and your attorney will be on the same page when it comes to what you want to get out of the court proceedings.

Make sure to consult with a lawyer first before taking any legal action. Also, make sure you are comfortable with their experience and knowledge before hiring them.