Never assume a DUI case is not a big deal. If convicted, it can tarnish your record and reputation. It will be a part of your driving history wherever you go. A DUI conviction also leads to jail, to thousands of dollars in legal costs, increased insurance fees, and referral to the Motor Vehicle Administration’s Medical Advisory Board. All these are reasons enough to do your best to avoid a DUI conviction. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation a criminal defense attorney near Rancho Cordova can help.

Your lawyers best chance to help you is if you cooperate and avoid these mistakes. This will allow them to build a strong defense on your behalf.

Assume that the Case Can’t Be Won

Some think there is no way to defend their case, so they take the first settlement offer the prosecutor makes. They plead guilty without even studying the case in its entirety. This is a huge mistake because there are many factors that can influence a case, and your lawyer can help you piece them together in your favor. Before making any decision, be open to the option of avoiding a conviction. This way, you can talk to your lawyer with an open mind and a determination to win the case.

Representing Yourself

Not hiring an experienced lawyer because you want to save money is a recipe for disaster. Dui cases are very complex. Lawyers study for years to understand all the rules, regulations, and policies surrounding a DUI case. The law has many aspects only trained and knowledgeable lawyers can navigate. There are defenses and objections that must be raised, and if you don’t have any experience with such a case, you’re making it easier for the district attorney to convict you of a crime.

Not Investigating All Evidence

All pieces of evidence, including police reports, breathe sample reports, calibration records, dash-cam videos, and witness testimonies must be investigated and confirmed. You will only be convicted if the court sees you’re guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is only by contesting the evidence that there is a possibility of a not guilty verdict.

Examining the evidence and visiting the scene may be necessary to find the holes in the prosecution’s case. Your DUI attorney knows what to do to find the holes upon which to build your defense.

Avoiding these mistakes can increase your chances of avoiding a conviction. Listen to your lawyer and avoid doing anything that can further hurt your case.