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Myth 10: The best DUI attorneys are the most expensive

There are many well-meaning people who don’t always know the facts. You may have been told that you have to hire the attorneys who drive fancy cars and wear expensive suits to be sure you will be served best. Co-workers or family members may be telling you incorrect information. To be sure, a good DUI attorney is not cheap. But, consider the cost of going to jail, paying huge fines and losing your driver’s license. Relative to those costs, attorney fees are a bargain. You should not choose your attorney based simply on price. The best attorneys are not always the most expensive, however, as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for.” When interviewing a DUI lawyer, you should find out in detail what work the lawyer will do to defend your case. Then consider that in determining the value of the service. Some questions to ask are: • What is his/her experience? • How will his/her team go about preparing your case? • Are there legal issues he/she will research? • Will they interview any witnesses? • How often does he/she go to trial? • What kind of success does he/she have when they go to trial? • When was the last time he/she tried a case like yours? • Does he/she view the case as complex or simple? Why? Ask these questions before factoring in price. There’s no shame in seizing the very best outcome. Seek advice from someone who is working on your behalf and who will discuss their fees in a straightforward manner. Your future depends on it. It’s important for you