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Myth 3: All DUI attorneys are the same

Experience matters. It matters because DUI cases can be very complicated and the consequences of a DUI conviction can have such a huge impact on your life. Any attorney with a bar card can appear in court on a DUI charge. Too often this means attorneys who primarily do personal injury cases or bankruptcy cases will accept DUI cases. But because they do so many other unrelated types of cases, it is almost impossible for them to be current on all of the specialized aspects of DUI law. Just because someone has cut hair before does not mean you would trust them with your hair cut, especially not right before a big, important event. Likewise, if you own a fancy sports car, you wouldn’t have major mechanical work done by the local grease monkey at the neighborhood gas station. Firms that have a specific focus on DUI cases are far better equipped to provide the full suite of services that a DUI case demands. Having an attorney who handles DUI cases as a significant part of their practice will be more efficient, provide better service and assure a better outcome than the attorney who only does DUI work from time-to-time. When hiring a DUI attorney, make sure they are focused on DUI cases and don’t merely handle them on a part-time basis.