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Myth 9: There are hidden costs to hiring a DUI attorney

You may have been told that when you hire a DUI attorney, you will never know how much you will actually pay. The myth is that there are hidden costs. This is simply not true. When armed with the right questions you will know exactly what representation will cost you You can receive the answers you need by just asking some simple questions. • Do you charge a flat fee or are your fees hourly? Most DUI cases are handled on a flat fee basis. • If you charge by the hour, what is your rate? • Will I have to pay a retainer fee and if so, how does that work? • If you charge a flat fee, what does it include and what doesn’t it include? • Is it refundable? • Do I have to pay it all up front? • What are my expected expenses outside of the attorney fee? • Can you provide an estimate for them? The California State Bar requires that you have a written contract with your attorney. This should clearly state the terms of your agreement and what the case will cost.